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February 14, 2023

Specsavers helps to avoid to avoid ‘Kiss-Clash'

Specsavers is helping romantic Brits avoid ‘Kiss-Clash awkwardness this Valentine’s Day

  • New research by Specsavers has revealed that 89% of Brits admit to getting the jitters before a first date and almost half (48%) experience fear before having their first kiss.

  • Nearly four in 10 Brits admit to finding kissing in glasses annoying and of those, 46% say ‘Kiss-Clash’ is the most annoying thing about it.

  • Specsavers is encouraging first-timers to take part in their FREE one-month contact lens trials and join the 49% of Brits who all agree that kissing is better without glasses

AS BRITS prepare for their romantic Valentine’s Day plans, new research from Specsavers has revealed their first-date fears, as many worry about not having anything to talk about (45%), whether they should suggest splitting the bill (16%) – and whether they should lean in for a kiss (15%).

A poll of 2,000 adults found that 70% of those seeking love are nervous about how to greet a potential love interest, with 34% deliberating whether to go for a hug, kiss on the cheek or even a formal handshake, and 39% admitting to having an alcoholic drink to help calm their nerves.

The research also revealed that for some, their first date fears came true as over a third (34%) didn’t have anything to talk about, a fifth experienced their date being boring while 14% were stood up. Other failures saw them getting offended by something their date said (11%), forgetting their date’s name (10%) and spilling sauce down a top or shirt (8%).

It’s not just about dating though, as while 48% feared going on a first date, others also worried about their first kiss (48%) or meeting the in-laws (46%).

Additionally, a fifth of glasses wearers have experienced ‘Kiss-Clash’– where two pairs of glasses collide while going in for a romantic kiss. And of those who wear glasses, 38% find them annoying when kissing.

That’s why Specsavers are offering a free one-month contact lens trial (https://www.specsavers.co.uk/offers/try-contact-lenses-free), to help keep the romance alive and avoid any unwanted awkwardness this Valentine’s Day.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only pet-peeve for glasses wearers – they fog up (36%), hair gets caught in them (24%), and others said their glasses get in the way when they are exercising (26%), doing makeup (22%) and cooking (20%).

Despite these first date fears experienced by Brits every Valentine's Day, it emerged that 80% of individuals with some kind of sight prescription reveal that they are more scared to try contact lenses for the first time, even beating the nerves caused by the anticipation of a first kiss!

Alexandra Green, Head of Contact Lenses at Specsavers said: ‘It’s interesting to hear that so many people are more scared about trying contact lenses for the first time than they are about having their first kiss – and we don’t want this to be the case!

‘At Specsavers we love glasses, but we know that sometimes they can get in the way, kissing being a prime example. That’s why we’re offering a free month’s contact lenses trial, so everyone can have a Kiss-Clash free Valentine’s Day.’

Almost 1 in 5 (17%) glasses wearers fear trying contact lenses for the first time. Top reasons include being worried they will get stuck in their eye (57%), 51% are worried it will hurt, and half are worried about poking themselves in the eye. Surprisingly, over four in 10 (41%) are also worried about losing their contact lenses in their eyes.

Alexandra Green commented on these misconceptions around contact lenses:‘Trying contact lenses for the first time can seem scary, and what we can see from this research is some of this fear comes from misinformation and long-standing myths. However, Specsavers offers the care and expertise to support people on their contact lens journeys, helping people feel at ease.’

Say goodbye to Kiss-Clash, foggy lenses and glasses falling off this Valentine’s Day, for more information about trying contact lenses call Specsavers Hammersmith on 020 8748 3233 or you can book online.