Nonna Tonda pasta at Livat
January 10, 2023

Nonna Tonda

Tuesday 10 January 2023

Nonna Tonda are a fresh food start up, and each week they deliver fresh pasta and delicious sauces to your door ready to cook and eat in under 5 minutes.

In 2017 they packed up their possessions and went on a tour of Italy to learn the authentic way to make fresh pasta. Now they deliver fresh pasta and homemade sauces to you.

Made each morning, their pasta is the freshest around. Each dish includes fresh pasta, a delicious homemade sauce and fresh parmesan and can be prepared and ready to eat in under 5 minutes!

The Pop-Up will allow visitors to learn more about their online service along with an exclusive sign up offer. 

Check out their impressive Instagram page @nonna_tonda 


Opening times: 10am to 7:30pm 

Dates: 19th January