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Sook is the adaptable retail space provider that's here to democratise access to the high street and help communities thrive. With a flexible by-the-hour booking approach, sustainable outlook, and a digital-first set up, Sook lets occupiers choose the place and time that suits their consumers, and brand the space in seconds.

With Sook continuing to expand ambitiously, yet selectively, beyond our existing sites in London, Edinburgh, Gateshead, Oxford and Cambridge, we're bringing the possibility of physical retail space to the communities who need it. Responsiveness to the individual needs of each of these communities is important to us, as we believe this is where the true power to save our declining high streets lies. It's why we've designed every Sook to be completely adapatable to our occupiers' requirements, with an easy-to-configure, modular fitout system that is premium quality, kept on-site, can be fitted in moments, and is reuseable again and again.

To date, Sook has hosted retail pop-ups, food outlets, art exhibitions, fitness classes, beauty therapies, a car showroom, gaming events and more, from a range of businesses, from small independents to household names, with each space making our high streets and centres dynamic and exciting places to be, once again.