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August 26, 2022

Switch it up this summer by trying contact lenses

Friday 26 August 2022

Summer is the perfect opportunity to try out contact lenses for the first time – whether it’s to change up your look while enjoying the evening sun or to improve your form playing your favourite summer sport.

But for those not used to trading in their glasses, contact lenses can seem intimidating. That’s why Specsavers is encouraging those people considering trying out contact lenses to take the plunge this summer by offering them a free pair of monthly lenses or five pairs of disposables, to help you on your way.

For those unsure what to expect when it comes to contact lenses, Specsavers Clinical Services Director Giles Edmonds shares five key takeaways. 

1. Consider the best lenses for your lifestyle. Daily disposables are great for travelling as there’s no need to clean them – just dispose of at the end of your night out in your usual plastic recycling. Alternatively, twice monthly or monthly lenses can offer better value. Just remember to pack your cleaning solution along with the lens storage tray to keep them clean and refreshed when not in use.

2. They’re not painful. In fact, when you’re wearing them, you shouldn’t feel them at all. If you do experience discomfort, you can always pop back into your nearest Specsavers so that they can offer you assistance and reassurance.

3. Always practise good hygiene. Research shows that although 85% of people think that they comply with hygiene advice, only 32% of people actually take proper care of their lenses , which means that a lot of wearers could be putting their eye health at risk. Always wash and dry your hands before putting lenses in and taking them out. If lenses look dirty when you take them out of the packet or case, use saline or your cleaning solution to rinse them – never tap water. If in doubt, throw them out and start with a new lens. 

4. Water and contact lenses don’t mix. If you’re heading to the seaside or going for a dip in the pool, remember to take out your lenses before going in the water to avoid risk of infection. If water splashes on the eye, it can also dislodge the lens and eyesight may become blurry. Or wear good fitting googles or a mask.

5. Remember to take them out. After a long day (or night) it can be easy to flop into bed and leave your lenses in – but this can lead to serious issues, such as lenses drying and getting stuck. So set a reminder on your phone or leave a note by your bed to jog your memory. Make removing lenses before you sleep as automatic as brushing your teeth and after sun. 

To find out more or to book an appointment visit www.specsavers.co.uk