National stop snoring week
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April 19, 2023

National ‘Stop Snoring Week’ starts today!

Specsavers in conjunction with research carried out by Perspectus Global reveals some interesting facts around the sleeping habits of the Brits and in particular Londoners, and how snoring is impacting people’s sleep!

Snoring impacts Londoners who lose almost three weeks of sleep each year

  • Across the UK snoring stops 87% of Brits sleeping, leaving them annoyed, frustrated and stressed.

  • Lack of sleep due to snoring blamed on poor work performance for a quarter of Brits.

  • With 9 in 10 Brits saying they or their partner regularly snores, almost one in 10 have considered splitting up with their partner due to snoring.

  • 14% believe their partner’s snoring sounds like a lawnmower.

  • Sheffield is the snoring capital of the UK, closely followed by Cambridge.

  • Almost half of people (48%) think their hearing may have even been damaged by someone else’s snoring.

Across the UK, couples are struggling in the bedroom with a notorious nocturnal nuisance. As Stop Snoring Week kicks off, (19th – 23rd April), just over 52% of Londoners have admitted that their partner’s snoring stops them from enjoying a well-earned rest at night, leaving them feeling annoyed (43%) frustrated (40%) and even stressed out (40%).

It’s a widespread problem, with 58% of Londoners saying that they, or their partner regularly snores, with many saying their noisy partner wakes them at least twice a night. The national poll reveals that nearly a quarter (24%) of the sleepless Brits said their partner's snoring leaves them unable to concentrate at work the following day.

With nearly one in 10 people having even considered splitting-up due to the night-time disturbance. Audiology experts at Specsavers are keen to remind people that one simple device could save all this hardship – the ear plug.

A range of hearing protection is available at Specsavers stores across the UK and this simple solution can help the long-suffering partner get a decent night’s sleep.

The effects of snoring to both snorer and their partner are wide ranging and could be much more common that we thought. According to the data, the average Brit can lose up to a staggering 414 hours of sleep every year (17 days!) – that’s 68 minutes of lost sleep per night, to the most unwelcome of sleep sounds.

It’s no surprise that 44% of Londoners believe that their hearing may have even been damaged by snoring, whilst 41% definitely believe their hearing has been affected. As a result, 35% of Londoners say they are going to wear earplugs in the future or get a hearing test (31%).

Many of those kept awake take matters into their own hands and try to combat snoring, with 35% admitting to elbowing their partner, 45% rolling them over, and 35% giving them a gentle kick to make them stop.

Specsavers chief audiologist, Gordon Harrison, says: ‘This research shows the significant impact that being exposed to snoring can have on your sleep and your general health and wellbeing.

There’s no doubt that some snoring can cause considerable disruption, but it will sound even louder because there are no other ambient, background noises in the room. All you can hear is the snoring, which can be incredibly frustrating and stressful.

If you are struggling to get a peaceful night’s sleep, there are some easy solutions. Earplugs are a great way to block out any noise that may be keeping you up, and they should feel comfortable in your ears, no matter how you sleep.

Not only can they help with snoring, they can also block out any other noise that may be keeping you up, such as noisy neighbours, busy streets and loud traffic.’
The noises from snoring can be irritatingly varied too, with just over a third of Londoners (35%) describing their partner's snoring as a low rumble, whilst 16% said their partners snoring sounded like pigs wrestling!
The findings also suggest Sheffield is the snoring capital of the UK, with 48% of residents saying both they and their partners snore, followed closely by Cambridge at 41%.

For those seeking a long-deserved, peaceful night, visit your local Specsavers Hammersmith store or for more information.