Jun 1, 2024

Summer Street Fest at Livat

Saturday 1st June
12pm – 5pm

Share your hopes & dreams on the Livat Hammersmith art installation, at the Summer Street Festival! Join us for a day, where we are celebrating diversity, acceptance and unity at the Hammersmith Summer Street Fest on Saturday 1st June.

Livat flower wall
12pm – 5pm

Open to anyone and everyone, the Livat Flower Wall will serve as an inclusive space for visitors to reflect on their hopes for the community, writing these on a flower, which will adorn the empty wall. As the day goes on, the personalised blooms will transform the blank surface into a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and ideas, symbolising the beauty of diversity and the power of collective dreams.

Write yours on a flower and pledge them to the wall. As the day goes on, watch these hopes and dreams bloom into a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and ideas.

Flower Crown charity event*
12pm – 5pm

In conjunction with the enchanting Flower Wall, Livat Hammersmith will also run its very own Flower Crown charity event. Everyone is invited to visit the Livat market stand and purchase their own flower crown. With all proceeds going to charity, these crowns make the perfect accessory for the Hammersmith Summer Street Fest musical celebrations that evening!

*All proceeds from this event will be donated to The West London Queer Project (WLQP), a local non-profit Community Interest Company, committed to connecting, supporting, and amplifying the voices of LGBTQ+ individuals in West London. WLQP aims to enhance the lives of LGBTQ+ people through fun events, safe and welcoming spaces, and empowering environments.

Livat Hammersmith will also be promoting WLQP’s upcoming 10km celebration walk for Pride Month across the centre and wider channels. As a vibrant celebration of diversity, love, and acceptance, where the LGBTQ+ community comes together to honour their identities and achievements, this will be a day to bring together one and all to share in a spirit of unity, resilience and connection.

All activity is FREE and no booking required.